Our Mission 

To collect, preserve and share the local Chinese American experience, history, and culture with our diverse community

Who will tell the stories?

Only you can tell the story of your family’s immigration to America. We want to honor those who left their homeland in China to provide a better life for themselves and their families. The Chinese Historical Society will collect, preserve and document these stories for present and future generations before they are lost. We will share these stories with the public so that our contribution to Memphis and the Mid-South will be recognized.

What can you do to help?

  • Any documents, photos, letters are accepted for preservation. These items can be digitized, if you would like to keep the originals. Contribute to the story of the Chinese experience in Memphis and the Mid-South.
  • Volunteer: help the Society to achieve its Mission by planning events to make our Society more visible to the public.
  • Identify: help us to identify places for future historical markers.
  • Participate in the oral history interviews for Your Story.
  • Become a member and join us in creating a Chinese Historical Society for present and future generations.

 Cemetery Preservation Project 



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